Monday, 6 September 2010

Las Meninas, Part 3

For my piece I decided to incorporate an image of the Lady with some sort of weaving. I did this to coincide with the idea that the Lady has to weave images of King Arthur's kingdom. However, I didn't use material to weave with, instead I used paper strips. In the first year one of our briefs was to manipulate paper, and this was where I first experimented with weaving paper. But this time I did it on a larger scale and took more time making sure the paper strips were all exactly the same size. As I was using quite a thick paper, I couldn't get the strips to get close enough together; so I had to leave gaps in-between. Since then I've used thinner paper and this works much better as you can get a tighter finished look.
For the Lady I used my line drawing of her and scanned in different textures and patterned papers to decorate each segment with. I also used patterns I have stored on my computer to create a more layered look. I tried to stay quite close to the colours of the original painting; just making them a bit more textured and brighter. I was really pleased with the result of this; as it's very me, whilst still staying true to the painting.
For the final design I scanned in my weave and adjusted the hue to a more pink tone. I also graduated the darkness to make it a bit more interesting and to focus the eye on the Lady. Finally, I scanned in some little paper coils I had made. This was to add a bit of movement to the piece as well representing the balls of wool on the painting.

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