Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Las Meninas, Part 4

The first piece of work I received was Holly's response. She made a concertina book and used bits of the Tennyson poem as inspiration to collage from. I thought her piece was really good, I liked how it responded clearly to the painting and poem, whilst still being 'Holly'. This is her piece:

As I didn't particularly want to mess around with her work I decided to do what Emma had done and add another page onto the book. I decided to create a woven paper background, using similar tones to Holly's work. This time I used paper which was quite thin; meaning I could easily make sure it went together as tightly as possible. As both Holly and Emma had used lines from the poem I decided to incorporate the lines "there she weaves by day and night" and "she left the web, she left the loom". Both of these refer to weaving so I thought it was quite appropriate to use alongside my background. Finally I added a line drawing of the Lady onto the weaving. Initially, I was going to draw the outline onto the weave, but it ended up being barely visible among the lattice effect. So I then decided to fill the inside of the drawing white; to make it stand out more and add a bit of definition. This is my outcome:

I found it useful to use Holly's work as inspiration; after so long it was nice to see someone else's work. I found it useful to see how another person had responded to the painting and it gave me lots of new ideas to think about.

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