Friday, 3 December 2010

Dominic Wilcox

On Friday 26th November we had a talk from Dominic Wilcox, an artist, designer and inventor! The talk was really good and Dominic was very funny! He has a great imagination, I don't know how he comes up with some of his ideas. His work gives everyday things a new perspective and he creates some really mad but useful objects. I was blown away by his 'speed creating' where he created a new thing each day for 30 days. It's something I could never do, I'm not fast enough and would spend too long planning! I particularly liked his shadow drawing, mirror image and pencil shelf. The outcomes are very beautiful and they're all such simple ideas, which makes them even better!

I also loved his cute drawings for mad little ideas! Some of them were crazy but all were useful or believable in some way. You could easily see some of them being made and used. I love the style of his drawing, they are very innocent and simple. He has a very wry sense of humour and wit plays a huge part in his work. Here's a selection of some of my favourite drawings:

The workshop he gave in the afternoon was also really good. His suggestions were so good and so annoyingly obvious! He pointed out things we couldn't seem to see, and helped us to broaden our minds. By identifying little irritations, you can produce a whole host of ideas. He was really easy to talk to and definitely very helpful as far as the new project is concerned.

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