Sunday, 21 November 2010

Group Project

For the group project I was put in a team with 3 other members (Lisa from Illustration, Mike from Graphics and Luke from Moving Image). We were given the word 'kinetic' as a starting point and our thought process began by examining natural kinetics, in particular water based movement such as rain and tides. We liked how they are not controlled by ‘man’ and have quite a spontaneous nature to them. As a result of the water theme we decided to use inks, which are water based and have a fluid nature to them.

The concept of gravity also played a part in the project. The group thought it would be interesting to see how ink would fall when put on paper. It was very successful and because some drips fell further and quicker than others, it looked really quirky.

We also decided to experiment with throwing ink at a piece of paper. It produced a really nice effect; when different colours collided with each other they mixed and flowed in different directions. The group couldn’t decide between the drips and splatters so we concluded that we would experiment with both on the computer. In the end, we decided to combine the two as it created a more varied animation.

These are the two final pieces that we used in our animation:

This is our final animation/film:

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