Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Simplify line and shape (Ian Murray)
I think Ian first talked to me about this during the 'James and the Giant Peach' project. I was considering doing a very busy design so he suggested making the elements as basic as possible. It was quite hard at first to simplify everything down but I was really pleased I did, otherwise the final piece would have been so hectic! I've carried this principle on whenever I've produced a busy design, such as the Wellspring and 8x8, and I think it works well. Next year I'd like to try combining this idea with making a more elaborate composition and see what happens!

Love and enjoy what you do
(Hannah Firmin)
This may seem obvious but I've realised how important it is to enjoy what you do. Sometimes I've been made to feel that because my work is created purely digitally, it doesn't have a 'soul' and looks too generic. I've often thought that maybe I should try adding textures and hand drawn elements to my work to make myself feel more like an illustrator. However, I've realised that I really enjoy working in the way that I do and I shouldn't feel bad about it. Two of my favourite illustrators at the moment, Patrick Hruby and Arlene Adams, both work purely with Adobe Illustrator and their work is doing really well. All that matters is that I enjoy what I do!

Do what you feel is right (Ian Murray)
I find it really difficult to decide if my ideas are working or what I've produced is good enough. I need reassurance that I'm going in the right direction and I really need to trust myself more. During the 'James and the Giant Peach' project I was changing my mind a lot and when I spoke to Ian he just said to do what felt right. In the 8x8 project I think I became a bit more confident and made decisions on my own. At the end of the day, I'm not going to be at uni forever and I need to learn to trust my judgement if I'm going to succeed.

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