Saturday, 15 January 2011

Oliver Jeffers

When I went to London in December I visited the Chris Beetles art gallery to see Quentin Blake's exhibition. Whilst there I looked at another exhibition that was on; 'The Illustrators - The British Art of Illustration'. One person who really caught my eye was Oliver Jeffers. The pictures on display were from a book of his called 'Up and Down' and featuring a little boy and his penguin friend. The illustrations were so beautifully done and the story was so sweet. Following the exhibition I found his website and looked through his other work. The painterly quality to his illustrations is not something I would necessarily do myself but I really enjoyed them. The characters have a lot of personality despite being very simply drawn and I can see that they would be extremely popular with children. I also love the fact that as well as illustrating he writes the stories. He has complete control over the entire process which must be a nice change from illustrating other people's ideas! At the exhibition his work was selling for over a thousand pounds each and I can see why; each one is a beautiful piece of art.

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