Friday, 9 July 2010

Yulia Brodskaya

This is my very first post(!) so I thought I'd begin by looking at one of my favourite artists, Yulia Brodskaya. She was originally born in Russia but moved to the UK in 2004 to complete a MA in Graphic Communication at University of Hertfordshire. She creates beautiful paper designs using a technique called quilling. This practice involves coiling strips of paper and sticking them together to create images and designs.

I think her work is just jaw-dropping, she must have so much patience and a very steady hand! The designs are so intricate and I love the colours she uses - they're always really bright and happy. I also like how some of the pieces have 'movement'; the paper coils seem to be in the process of rolling along the page.
Yulia has designed for a wide variety of clients, including Hermes, Cadbury, The Guardian and Starbucks. This vast range of companies is really impressive as it shows she is capable of applying her technique to a variety of briefs and ideas. Yulia is definitely one artist I would love to contact to find out more about her design mentality.

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